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Spousal and Child Support

In the state of Kansas, both parents are considered to be responsible for supporting the child, but the fixed payments of child support are usually paid by the non-custodial parent.

According to the Kansas Child Support Guidelines, the amount of child support is based on the financial needs of the child, his/her physical and emotional condition, and educational expenses, as well as the financial resources, needs, and obligations of both parents.

An exact amount of child support shall be calculated for each case individually, following the Income Shares Model. Using this model, the amount of child support that would be available if the marriage had not terminated is estimated, then this amount is shared between the parents proportionate to their incomes. Therefore, each parent is responsible for their share. No matter who has primary custody of a child, if one of the parents has a higher income, he/she is responsible for a more significant amount of child support.

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